Examples of application of CAPTEC's products (hover images).

  • Aerospace

    Development of real-time on-board software for satellites and spacecraft including operating systems, attitude and orbit control, data management systems, telemetry, and instrumentation.
    Independent Verification and Validation of critical software according to the European Space Agency's standards.

  • Government Institutions

    Consultancy & Research projects in technology and transport at both national and european level. Examples are studies for the improvement of technology in air traffic control, transport of dangerous goods, integration of information. Participation in standards development.

  • Hospitals

    Supply of specialised developed applications such as CARDICON system for angiography teleconferencing system.
    Cooperation on European funded research projects for medical imaging and patient data communications.
    Expertise in DICOM medical imaging formats.

  • Banking

    Quality assurance of banking sector software using methods pioneered by CAPTEC in the aerospace industry (Independent Software Verification and Validation covering the entire software life cycle process).

  • Museums

    Lossless image compression for scanning, archiving and future analysis of artwork using CAPTEC patented RICAZIP software.
    Efficient transfer to remote locations for printing, distribution.
    Application development with interactive user interface for enhanced museum visitor experience.

  • Universities

    European funded research collaboration in medical imaging, remote sensing and aerospace projects.
    Supply of specialised image processing equipment and software for research use.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Video and image analysis for pharmaceutical laboratory and production lines.
    Image analysis for microscopy. Real-time processing methods for production quality control.

  • Forestry Agriculture Farming

    Image processing applications with video and remote sensing data for land use monitoring.
    Multi-spectral analysis.
    Tree cover and encroachment. Pollution monitoring.

  • Manufacturing

    Quality assurance for production assembly lines systems using video image acquisition and analysis storage.
    Image compression for storage.
    Video OCR and Bar-code scanning.
    Defect recognition.
    Colour analysis.

why choose us

development and delivery of quality, customised software systems and solutions



The hallmarks of CAPTEC’s service to the Aerospace industry are seen in the reliability of software which the company has delivered to the industry, the high quality of our documentation, and the achievement of on-time delivery to meet mission time schedules.
Guided by the objective to deliver excellence in every aspect of workmanship, CAPTEC adheres to a strict policy which respects the confidentiality of client information and intellectual property

Core Values

CAPTEC’s growth and expansion has been founded on core values that are encapsulated in the company’s mission statement:

  • To remain at the forefront of invention and new product development.
  • To accept full responsibility for the satisfactory completion of all projects vested in us, always respecting the need for confidentiality and the obligation to protect our client’s intellectual property.
  • To remain commercially strong and competitively superior in the development and delivery of quality, customised software systems and solutions.
  • To pursue a policy of engaging highly-skilled and motivated staff comprising advanced degree-level graduates skilled in engineering and scientific disciplines.